7 Benefits of Wearing Socks while Sleeping

benefits of socks

The age-long argument of whether or not to wear socks in bed is debated widely across the world. Luckily, science has an answer to it. Strange as it may seem, science suggests that wearing socks while sleeping speeds up vasodilation. It is proven to better your sleep patterns. Wonder how? Heat conserved is redistributed to the entire body to prepare it for sleep. In short, you can avoid sleepless nights by keeping your feet cozy in woven pear socks. In case you are still not convinced, here’s a list of reasons to make you believe! Continue reading “7 Benefits of Wearing Socks while Sleeping”

Managing Your Health

Managing Your Health

When it comes to our health and fitness, we’re understandably deeply invested. After all, this is a question of our own mortality, so the stakes are high. Poor health leads to a shorter life expectancy, as well as a lower quality of life, so it behooves us to take the necessary steps to lead a healthier and happier life. However, this is easier said than done.

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Can Reducing Cardiovascular Disease be as Simple as a Text Message?

Reducing Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease is one of the top killers in the world. The World Health Organization estimates that 17.5 million people died from Cardiovascular Disease in 2012. That represents 31 per cent of all global deaths for that year. It is the number one cause of death, more people die each year from CVD than any other cause. What if we can use technology to help improve cardiovascular health? That is exactly what George Clinical  is doing with their latest application called TEXTCARE, developed after years of research on this ever-important subject.

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A Brief Introduction to Stomach Diseases – Causes,Types,Symptoms and Treatment

Problems related to the digestive tract are some of the most common health threats all around the world. There are a large number of stomach problems which could have varying causes and are dealt with in different ways. However, what people refer to as “stomach diseases” could actually involve anything with abdominal pain and indigestion such as conditions like chronic pancreatitis. The term is used broadly and may cover several medical conditions, which is why you should first understand what stomach is.

Understanding the Stomach

Stomach is a sac like organ found in the upper abdominal cavity and is the central part of the digestive system. The stomach is connected to the esophagus or the food canal which is a tube like structure that takes the swallowed food inside the stomach. The stomach stores the food for a while and digests it before it is fit to pass it on to the small intestine. The opening into which stomach passes on the food is called duodenum. The gastric juices inside the stomach also contain 0.1% Hydrochloric acid for dissolving the food in a better way. The stomach is primarily concerned with the digestion of protein and its absorption.

Types of Stomach Diseases

You must understand the difference between abdominal pain and a problem that really pertains to your stomach. The following are the types of stomach problems.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Also commonly known as Acid Reflux Disease or Heartburn, occurs when stomach acid jumps into the esophagus.


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Doctor Studied Helps to Avoid Health Fraud Scams

Health fraud scams aren’t new. They can be found anywhere, from the internet to infomercials. Some scams just make over the top promises even though the sellers know that the product cannot provide the marketed results. There are other scams that promise to assist in preventing, treating or curing diseases. But the products are not officially proven to do any such thing.  Marketing schemes can dupe customers, and it happens much more frequently than one would imagine. Continue reading “Doctor Studied Helps to Avoid Health Fraud Scams”