Abdominal Pain, Picture of Abdominal Quadrants with Organs

Abdominal Pain appears in the abdomen and can range in intensity from a mild to severe and acute pain. The pain can be specific or diffused at times, depending upon the reason behind the pain. As many organs are found within the abdominal cavity, usually the cause behind the abdominal pain is found to be digestive system. But that doesn’t rule out the other organs from bang the culprits like the gallbladder or appendix.

The organs that are present in the abdominal cavity and may be the cause behind the abdominal pain are stomach, colon, small intestine, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. Sometimes we nay feel the pain in our abdomen even though the reason may not lie in the abdomen like kidneys, ovaries or the lower lungs.

Abdominal Pain

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Type and Intensity of Abdominal Pain

When getting to the root cause of the pain, your physician would first like to know the duration and the intensity of the abdominal pain, so as to find the cause and make a diagnosis. Some general characteristics of abdominal pain are discussed below.

You may experience sharp, stabbing, knifelike and piercing pain or sometimes the pain may be dull and stabbing like cramps. The duration of the pain is also taken into consideration here. It may last for a few minutes or persist for longer hours. Sometimes the abdominal pain may come off strongly and get subdued after a while. Certain events can also trigger the pain, like one may get the pain immediately after meals or it may get worse when lying down.

Causes behind Abdominal pain

Although there are numerous factors that can be the cause behind abdominal pain, we will briefly point out the general causes behind the pain.

  • Gallbladder disease, appendicitis, duodenal and gastric ulcers, infections
  • Heart attacks and pneumonias are known to cause abdominal pain
  • pregnancy-associated problems
  • Pelvis diereses are known to cause pain in abdomen
  • Liver and pancreas inflammation and kidney stones
  • Some poisonings or bites can  cause severe abdominal pain

We can infer from above that abdominal pain can have many causes and some of these are directly connected to the abdomen while others are caused by non-abdominal disease. Sometimes, in rare cases, the doctors are not able to get to the real cause behind the pain.

When to see the Doctor

You should seek medical attention for abdominal pain immediately for any of the following conditions

  • If the pain lasts longer than a couple of hours  and worsens
  • If the person is unable to eat.
  • If the person is vomiting along with pain
  • If the pain is acute, especially the right lower abdomen
  • If there is pain with vaginal bleeding
  • If there is pain followed by fever
  • If the pain is so severe that the person faints
  • If the person thinks the pain is in the chest but is not too sure
  • If the pain seems to come from the person’s testicles

For Immediate Self-Care at Home

Although you should seek professional help immediately, you can use a heating pad to give the person some comfort. Some types of abdominal pain can be got rid of by using over-the-counter antacids, provided you know the cause of pain. Best is to consult the doctor if the pain doesn’t go away and you are not sure about the cause behind.

The treatment will depend on once the root cause is found out by the doctor. T he patient may be given intravenous fluids or a shot. He may also require surgical treatment.

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