Good News for People with High Sugar

Here comes another reason for people with a family history of diabetes to rejoice. Researchers in the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) have proved that consuming whole fruits like grapes, apples, guava, and blueberry on a regular basis can lower the risk of the type 2 diabetes. Consuming more fruit juice can increase the risk of diabetes type 2.


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Multiple Health Benefits of Turmeric

We are well familiar with turmeric, the yellow orange spice, that comes from India and is popularly used in Indian cuisine due to its unique flavor. But what most of are not aware about the numerous health benefits of turmeric. The spice has been a staple in Asian cooking for thousands of years and is a part the ginger family. There is one active ingredient in turmeric that possesses many potential health benefits and this component is curcumin. Curcumin, a  polyphenol makes up to 5 percent in the spice. It is an antioxidant with powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Let us now get straight to different health benefits of turmeric.

Turmeric rhizome

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Five Supplements Every Female Bodybuilder should be Taking

A female bodybuilder is constantly aware of what enters her body. Every meal is precise, every juice drink is calculated. Supplements are no different. A female bodybuilder requires supplements to help boost her muscle growth and lessen her recovery time. Female bodybuilders essentially take the same types of supplements as their male counterparts. However, there is more emphasis on weight loss and muscle growth. While also important for male bodybuilders, female bodybuilders are expected to be trimmer and toned.

Below are five supplements every female bodybuilder should be taking.

Essential Supplements for the Female Bodybuilder

Many of the below supplements are common for both male and female bodybuilders. However, different brands specifically engineer their formula to be geared towards female bodybuilders. All of the below supplements are available at FemNutrition, as well as a wide selection of nutrition supplements not mentioned below.

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Top 7 Slimming Foods for Summers to Stay Happy and Hydrated

Your body never requires more fluids than in the summer. While summers sound pretty exhausting and uncomfortable to some, it is the perfect time to lose your extra pounds that you would have had great difficulty in getting rid of for quite some time. You should use the opportunity not only because your body’s response to slimming foods will be much more tolerable and also because you will find a lot of food sources in the market which are not available otherwise, such as several fresh fruits and vegetables. There is no need to either starve yourself or deprive your taste buds of pleasure to get slim.

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This is why you should consider the following 7 of some of the best foods for summer to design your weight loss plan.

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Signs and Symptoms of Eating Disorders Explained

Any serious disturbance to your everyday dies can lead to an eating disorder. Eating either very small amounts of food or gorging in larger amounts, both are spiraled out of control. You will come across various kinds eating disorder but they all have one thing in common and that is a lurking psychological problem beneath. Concern about body weight or severe distress can also trigger an eating disorder. Personality disorder, depression, low self-worth or substance misuse are also linked with eating disorders.

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Besides exhibiting these abnormal food habits, there are some other signs and symptoms of eating disorders that may vary largely depending on the nature of the disorder. For a more conclusive and final diagnosis, one needs to differentiate between the signs and symptoms of the eating disorder.

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