Discover the Benefits of Cord Blood Banking

Cord blood banking is the process of storing the stem cells that are derived from a child’s umbilical blood when they are born. It yields many benefits, not only for the donor child but also for their family members. Currently, few parents know about cord blood banking, but as the potential uses for the therapy expands, it is gaining more attention in the public eye.

Umbilical cord

Source by : wikimedia

Cord blood stem cells have the ability to treat a wide range of blood diseases, including thalassemia, sickle cell anemia, leukemia and lymphoma. Researchers are also working on new ways to use cord blood stem cells, experimenting with the therapy in the treatment of cerebral palsy, diabetes, brain injuries and heart damage.

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Pampers Kicks Off Little Miracle Missions

Pampers, a pioneer brand of disposable baby diapers is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Pampers planned to celebrate its Golden Jubilee by unveiling a philanthropic program i.e. Little Miracle Mission Programs. Aim of this program is to safeguard, support and facilitate the kids. On 11th of April, employees with Vic Mills i.e. the founder of Pampers and inventor of Pampers diapers gathered with their kids to honor the progress of parenting and the role played by the Pampers at headquarters of P&G Baby Care.

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