10 Things You Must Do Before Travelling for Dentistry

Dentistry is one of the most popular treatments that UK residents travel abroad for. The most common reason for people to go overseas for dental treatment is to save on cost. But exactly how much money is saved, what kind of treatments are carried out abroad and are there any risks involved? If you’re considering travelling to another country for dental work, here are ten things you must consider doing before boarding the plane:

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Crest Oral Care Crusade

Oral care is really important for all of us because it can make us look better. However, oral care is often neglected by most people because it does not harm us in big way. There are many people across the globe that suffer from various kind of oral problems like cavities, plaque and gingivitis but they only take some action when the issue becomes too painful.

However, we should change the way we think about oral health because it is a part of our body and we must make sure that like any other parts our mouth should also receive the same kind of attention.

Oral-B and Crest are now going to change the way people think about oral care and therefore they have decided to do something different in the year 2011. This year they have decided that they will educate the people of America in their own way and therefore they have launched a country wide crusade that will educate the masses about oral care. The crusade will provide more information to the people about how they can clean teeth with Crest and Oral-B Pro health system. These products are already available in the market and both dental care companies claim that the Pro health system is far more effective than any other dental products available in the market. The crusade is called as 4X Cleaner Crusade and will move in different states in America.

Clean teeth with Crest

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The crusade will have various machines like digital plaque imaging system that will allow people to take a closer look at how much plaque they have in their mouth. This will let them see their dental issues on their own and spread awareness about how these dental problems can become serious problems in the future. The crusade will have Dr. Robert Gerlach, public health dentist that will educate the people about their dental problems and how they can resolve it with proper brushing practices and nutrition. The crusade will visit Philadelphia and St. Louis as they have been recently voted as the worst-teeth cities in the United States. The crusade will also move to other states in America spreading awareness about oral health care.