Things that You Should Know About the Double Eyelid Surgery

The double eyelid surgery is also known as blepharoplasty. It is usually done by plastic surgeons. The plastic surgery can be done by making a folded upper lid in the patient’s eyes. This type of plastic surgery is most known in several countries in Asia. Korea, Taiwan and Singapore are the countries which have higher number of citizens who have undergone in the double eyelid surgery. A lot of Singaporeans have the desire to look better and energetic when they take pictures with their families and friends. Some of these Singaporeans do the surgery because of the influence of movie stars or magazine idols that all look amazing with their beautiful double eyelids.

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Tired of wearing glasses? Laser eye surgery could be for you

If your eyesight is extremely poor and you have been wearing glasses for a long time you may be interested in some alternatives. Glasses can interfere with your day to day life, making it harder to play sport, posing a potential hazard in the event of a fall and affecting your confidence. No one should feel bad about their looks, and if you feel your glasses are bringing you down, look into the medical miracle of laser eye surgery.


Laser eye surgery was first invented in the 1970s and has grown to become a very popular remedy among those with poor vision. Photorefractive keratotomy (PRK) was the first type of laser eye surgery used commercially, however other techniques such as hyperopic corrections, astigmatic corrections and LASIK have also been developed. The two main procedures offered are now LASEK and LASIK.

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Laser Eye Surgery Procedures

When many people think of laser eye surgery, they often think of LASIK surgery. While LASIK is in fact a type of laser eye surgery that is quite popular, it is not the only type out there. In fact, there are other laser eye surgery procedures that could also be chosen to correct vision problems. Laser eye surgery is any type of surgery that utilizes lasers to reshape the cornea and correct vision errors. This could include problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and someday presbyopia.

The first laser eye surgery procedure was Photo Refractive Keratectomy or PRK. Developed in the 1980’s, a type of a UV laser is used to remove small pieces of tissue from the cornea. As the tissue is removed, the cornea is reshaped.

Laser Eye Surgery

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Different Types of Eye Test

In our modern society it seems that most people struggle just to keep up with a fast paced world. Between our jobs, children, household upkeep and day to day issues it is difficult to find the time to take care of our health as we should. When we do keep our health in mind many people neglect one of the most important senses; our vision. Putting off having an eye exam could result in partial vision loss or even blindness. Most ophthalmologist or optician including LensWay, recommend a yearly visit as a good way to ensure that your eyes are in optimum health. Most eye problems can be treated with the use of prescription glasses, reading glasses or spectacles. A series of eye tests can be performed to determine whether or not the person has healthy eyes and normal vision – particularly important if they are a regular wearer of contacts.

Eye Test

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