Doctor Studied Helps to Avoid Health Fraud Scams

Health fraud scams aren’t new. They can be found anywhere, from the internet to infomercials. Some scams just make over the top promises even though the sellers know that the product cannot provide the marketed results. There are other scams that promise to assist in preventing, treating or curing diseases. But the products are not officially proven to do any such thing.  Marketing schemes can dupe customers, and it happens much more frequently than one would imagine.

These health fraud scams are extremely successful because they target those individuals who are already desperate to find a solution to certain problems or ailments. Most of them would try anything when it comes to their health, or might be ready to believe anything.

Even though you may think that you yourself would not fall victim to such a scam, never count it out. Some of these websites may have really nice graphics, and using really appealing copy (copy is writing that is specialized to get you to convert into a customer). Scammers are becoming more and more sophisticated by the day.

Health scams do sometimes look for individuals with chronic or incurable medical issues to trick them into buying a remedy that offers a quick fix with a secret ingredient to cure their medical condition. They may even include all-natural ingredients or be entirely made up of natural ingredients, making the product completely legal to sell.

But what are the types of health scams that you must avoid? Well, Doctor Studied has released some helpful tips online, that we’ll be mentioned below.

False health benefits claims

Each year, many fall victim to false miracle cures or results. These scammers may have products that are completely legal to sell. However, the way that they market the products, turn these products into a scam. They may claim that their products can help you lose a large amount of weight in very little time. You should be vary if you hear such statements like “lose 30 pounds in just 5 days.” Anytime that a statement sounds too good to be true, it normally is.

Now, if a product online states that it can cure or treat a disease, never believe that statement. These types of scams are both serious and the product they may be selling may itself be dangerous.Only FDA approved drugs in the USA are able to make that sort of promise. And those drug companies and websites will require and encourage you to consult with your doctor to get a prescription. Furthermore, while individuals areexperimenting on these bogus treatments, they are also squandering opportunities to receive proper treatments that are effective

Again, if a product is too good to be true, then it probably is. That is if you hear about a special tea that cured someone’s cancer, for instance, then it’s a worthless testimonial. To guard yourself against phony products, you can always talk to your doctor.

Another good way, is now to take a look if the website that you are on has the third party verification in terms of the Doctor Studied seal and active certification. Also, make sure that this certification is actually hosted through the website (contains: in the address bar of the certification). Contact Doctor Studied if you think it might not be.

Mail-order medicines

If you’re fond of buying mail-order medicines, then you could be rolling the dice with your own health. Typically, these drugs are counterfeit. And you’ll never know it because the fraudulent medicines may look like the real ones.

Ordering from companies or websites that specialize in mail-order drug sales are not affiliated with a legitimate insurance company. This is especially true if it’s from a foreign country. It’s too risky. The drugs aren’t only questionable but they could also be illegal.

Of course, people would still buy into these scams because they’re just desperate as they may not be able to afford their medications through proper channels such as a Target pharmacy.

To avoid this scam, never purchase products from foreign pharmacies or obscure online drug stores. On the other hand, if you need to go to the mail-order route, you must stick to US-based companies.

If the fraudulent mail-order medicine company is based in the US, you might be able to report being scammed to the FDA. However, if it’s a foreign company, there may be little you might be able to do. You could definitely reach out to and report the site. But regardless, in all of these scenarios, you’ve already been scammed, and are now trying to just stop future people from becoming victims.

One product that cures all and more

You should also be suspicious of products claiming to cure all diseases. No one product can treat all medical conditions. So be aware.

This type of product will try to convince individualsinto making purchases by providing them with testimonials from satisfied customers. But how will you know that these reviews are genuine?

You may also see that such product is endorsed by a doctor or a health professional. But when you look more closely, the doctor or the healthcare professional is not even affiliated to a known institution. Testimonials that are played by actors are no substitute for real scientific evidence.

As a consumer, you willoften be unable to know for a fact if a testimonial is real or not. It can be very difficult to know. This is a problem that unfortunately exists with many sites. Just because the website claims that a person said this or that, does not necessarily mean that the testimonial was actually made. Sometimes, reviews are put on 3rd party services, which is definitely a big plus, as it may be less likely that the testimonial is fake.

However, a great way to know if a website might really be worth trusting is to see if that site carries the Doctor Studied seal and certificate. If a website has these credentials, then you can be sure that the site has been reviewed by a 3rd party verification service.

Generally, you should never purchase a product or take a medical treatment without first talking to your doctor. Your healthcare provider knows whether or not the product is safe for your health issues.

To help you identify a false claim or fraudulent product, DoctorStudied.orghelps carry out independent reviews for all health related websites. Always look for the seal and certificate. And if you don’t see the seal or certificate, reach out to the support team on that site asking why they don’t have it. Or better yet, reach out to and ask if the site is worth trusting, or if there actually is a reason why that site does not have accreditation.

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