He’s a Smooth Operator

Is there anything that is more alluring to a woman than a man with utterly kissable, silky smooth skin? Until recently, men had very few tools available to them for maintaining healthy skin that would provide the benefits that many products for women have been doing for decades. Now, Nivea for men products have hit the market, offering perks such as UVA & UVB protection, wrinkle reduction, skin elasticity improvement, and cell renewal.

One of the best things about Nivea is that their products are reasonably priced and don’t leave behind a greasy film so men now have no good excuse for not taking care of their skin. Nivea for men products have a variety of uses from cleaners to moisturisers, but their DNAge Anti-Age Moisturiser is one of the hottest trends in men’s personal hygiene.

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Nivea boasts most of the expected benefits for their product, but they have unexpected benefits too such as how quickly the product begins to work! Just one application and you will find it hard to keep your hands off your boyfriend’s or husband’s baby soft skin. And they have included sunscreen which means that even rugged guys who enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors fishing, camping, or playing sports will have the protection for that skin that ensures it will stay fresh and young looking for years to come.

Nivea for men products

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If you are a woman who is looking for a great gift for the man in her life, something that will make him look and feel better now and into the future, a wonderful skin care product like Nivea is an obviously great choice. And men who want to treat themselves to years of improved skin conditions should look into the skin care products that Nivea has to offer. After all, young and healthy looking skin can only benefit a man personally and professionally as you want your face to make the best first impression.

Personally, my husband hated shaving until I introduced him to Nivea’s skin care line. Shaving irritated his skin and not shaving irritated mine! On a whim, we purchased DNAge Anti-Age Moisturiser by Nivea and using it immediately after shaving meant cool, refreshed skin and a lot less irritation! Now, I look forward to snuggling up with my man after he is done grooming in the morning. The only problem is that Nivea is starting to make him look better than me!

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