Inspire Your Network to Help Provide Clean Drinking Water to Those in Need

There are many people around us who are still not having the opportunity to drink clean drinking water. Even when the earth is covered 75% by water the need for clean drinking water is very high. To make clean drinking water available to those in need P&G and the Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program have started a movement to fulfill this need. They are trying each day to provide the children with clean water in their growing stage. Since this is a Herculean task they cannot achiever their set goals without help from everyone willing to help in the task.


Clean Drinking Water

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In their website they have mentioned the three steps which can be taken by people who are ready to participate in the task. In the website they have some pictures, videos and related contents about this endeavor. People are asked to post these contents in their blogs and other networks where they are sure other people will notice this movement.

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Testicular Torsion

Men should not be too relaxed when they feel pain occurring near their testes because this may not be an ordinary testicular pain but sign of testicular torsion. Testicular torsion is considered a urologic emergency which may occur to any man at any age; nevertheless it most typically appears in adolescent males.

Testicular Torsion Statistics

This may sound surprising to some but in every 4000 men that are under the age of 25 in the US there is one of them who is suffering from testicular torsion.

What is Testicular Torsion?

Testicular torsion is medical condition wherein the spermatic cord of an individual becomes twisted resulting to the sudden cut-off of blood flow towards the testes.

What are testes?

The testes are the single suspended bundle of tissues which lies in the scrotum.

What are the Types of Testicular Torsion?

Testicular torsion is of two type namely extravaginal torsion and intravaginal torsion.

Extravaginal testicular torsion is the type which develops prenatally in the spermatic cord that is near the attachments of the tunica vaginalis. This typically occurs during the neonatal period and comprises more or less 5% of all types of testicular torsions.



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Intravaginal testicular torsion on the other hand is the type of torsion which appears within the tunica vaginalis itself and is manifested in older children. This is also associated with testicular suspension and is referred to by some as bell-clapper anomaly. Approximately 16% of those who were rushed to the emergency room are due to this kind of testicular torsion.

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Periodontal Disease

Some people seldom pay attention to their dental needs but most doctors recommend practice of good dental hygiene if anyone wishes to avoid more complicated health issues.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal diseases are complications which affect the gums, bones and surrounding tissues that surround or support the teeth. It is best characterized by swollen and red gums which bleed easily.

Different Stages of Periodontal Disease

Only a few individuals are aware of the different stages associated with periodontal disease. However, increased knowledge of this will greatly prevent the onset of other oral problems and serious complications from arising.

Source : wikipedia


This is the first stage of periodontal disease. It begins to strike when bacteria accumulation has invaded the gums and soft tissues of the mouth. Prior to reaching this stage, the mouth may have experienced unusual build-up of plaque and tartar on the teeth but was left unattended by the person.

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Pernicious Anemia

Pernicious anemia is a type of disorder involving the red blood cell count of the body due to its inability to absorb Vitamin B12 from the gastrointestinal tract. These result to decreased red blood cell count which leads to certain complications in the body.

What are the Terms for Pernicious Anemia?

Pernicious anemia can also be referred to as congenital pernicious anemia for those type which was developed during birth probably due to genetic factors; Vitamin B12 deficiency mal-absorption; Juvenile pernicious anemia; and Macrocytic achylic anemia.

What is the Importance of Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is typically found in animal products like shellfish, eggs, meat and eggs. It is important because it helps the body create blood cells which is vital in the health and maintenance of the nervous system. Lack of it will result to blood count and quality complications which is a major cause of anemia.

Pernicious Anemia

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Build Smart Breathe Easier – Reflects the Philanthropic Side of Merck

With every passing year, asthma patients are increasing all over the world and its rate is increasing at an alarming rate in America and more than 24 million people are victims of this chronic disease.

Merck has taken a crucial step to help out the asthma patients in fighting against this disease and it has started “Build Smart, Breathe Easier” campaign. The sole purpose of this campaign is to create awareness among people and build an asthma healthy home for the needy people.

Habitat for Humanity, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) and HGTV personality and carpenter Carter Oosterhouse are the official partners of this campaign. Carter Oosterhouse from HGTV said, “A house built with materials that are easy to clean and less likely to contain irritants, such as hard-surface floors or non-toxic paint, may have a positive impact on a family, especially one dealing with asthma.

Smart Breathe Easier

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I am excited to be a part of this program which will help build sustainable homes with asthma-friendly features in partnership with low income families and will also educate about simple ways to try to reduce and avoid common household asthma triggers.”

The collaboration of key players with Merck will help it to accomplish its mission. Dr. Gokul Gopalan, regional director of Medical Affairs, Respiratory, Merck said, “We are pleased to partner with these experts to build homes with asthma-healthy features and educate about the importance of a healthy indoor environment, coupled with proper asthma management, Build Smart, Breathe Easier reinforces Merck’s ongoing commitment to educate people about their asthma and provide appropriate treatment options to physicians and their patients.”

HGTV Personality and Carpenter Carter Oosterhouse, Habitat for Humanity and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America join Merck to Launch Build Smart, Breathe Easier

Habitat for Humanity and Merck Fight Asthma, Larry Gluth senior vice president of U.S. and Canada for Habitat for Humanity said, “At Habitat for Humanity, our mission is to provide simple, decent and affordable shelter in partnership with low-income families, we are excited to partner on Build Smart, Breathe Easier to complement our mission and help improve the lives of our partnering families.” “Build Smart, Breathe Easier” is expected to set milestones for others.

Delusional Disorder

What is Delusional Disorder?

Delusional disorder is a psychological disorder characterized by persistent non bizarre delusions. Unlike other mental disorders, the person with delusional disorder does not appear strange during this condition. Women are more affected than men.

What are the Subtypes of Delusional Disorder?

Grandiose Delusional Disorder

A person with grandiose delusional disorder often exaggerates his own abilities and conditions like wealth, knowledge, power etc. The expression of primary symptoms of grandiose delusional disorder may cause discomfort to the patient’s friends and relatives.

Erotomanic Delusional Disorder

Someone with erotomanic delusional disorder thinks that they are in love with a celebrity and might try to contact them. The person will be in a state of love obsession.

Jealous Delusional Disorder

Jealousy delusional disorder is also known as Othello syndrome or morbid jealousy. A person with jealousy delusional disorder always doubts his partner having sex with others.

Delusional Disorder

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