Know The Common Food Allergies in Children – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Response of immune system to specific food substances in few individuals is termed as food allergy. Generally, the stimulating foods are not harmful to others. Foods triggering the immune system are termed as allergens. Often many people get confused between food allergies and food intolerances. Unlike food intolerances food allergies develop immediately and may even be fatal in few cases. Food intolerances which do not involve the immune system develop gradually and are not dangerous. This article gives you a detailed note on common food allergies in children.

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Food Allergy Vs. Food Intolerance – Comparing Symptoms and Causes

What is Food Allergy?

The reaction of the immune system towards certain foods is generally termed as food allergy. Immune system of the body reacts to these foods in a way similar to the toxins and releases histamines in an effort to eliminate the toxic substances. The released histamines result in a myriad of symptoms whose severity can be very high or mild. As the immune system is very active at recognizing the toxic materials even very small amount of allergic food can initiate the symptoms.

Common Causes for Food Allergy

The most common food items that cause allergic reactions in children include milk, wheat, sea foods, egg white, soya protein and peanuts. Almonds, peanut, hazelnut, and walnut are few common allergic food items in adults.

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Best Allergenic Foods for Babies – Top Allergenic Foods

Giving foods to your baby for the first time can be really concerning. You do not know if your toddler is allergic to any particular food and what problem can arise from feeding him something that he is hypersensitive to. Know about some of the top allergenic foods and forget your worries.

Food Allergies

A food allergy is a natural response of the immune system of a person against a component of food that it perceives to be injurious to the body. The immune system fights of the allergy in the same way as it combats harmful germs like bacteria and virus. The allergic reaction in a person can range from mild to severe. Mild symptoms generally go away naturally. More severe reactions are treated with the help of medications.

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Food Allergy and Food Intolerance Tests

Food Allergy

Food Allergy is an adverse immune response to food substances, mostly protein. The other adverse responses to food substances like food intolerance, pharmacological reactions and toxin-mediated reactions.

Protein Food Allergy

A protein in the food is the most common allergic causing component. Some of the common and popular food allergens are milk, egg, peanut, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy and wheat. Most of the allergies to food become tolerable with time, but peanut and shellfish allergies remain lifelong.

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